9+ Checklist to Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate

Is the conversion rate of your eCommerce website wavering around the 5% mark?

Are you still spending a lot of money on advertising?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it’s time to stop and give a deep look to why such huge number of your visitors are turning away.

With the help of complete analysis of the customer journey to your website, you can change the problems, that are forcing them to leave or abandon a full shopping cart.

If you want to optimize the conversion rate of your eCommerce website, below mentioned 10 simple yet effective ways can help you out in optimizing the conversion rate of your eCommerce website:

Have a Sense of Urgency –


You know that you have to persuade your visitors to purchase your products, and you can do this by turning it into an urge sale.

There are lots of supermarkets and grocery stores that have mastered the art of the urge sale by adding some of the sweets and chocolate in and around the checkout area.

But how it is achievable for you to flex it within a product page? It is a quite challenging task. Usually, product pages are not creating a sense of urgency rather than, thus they often give the impression that the product is still being obtained at the same price. Even if the customer leaves your website, he/she will surely come back a week later.

You can find some of the eCommerce websites that have created urgency using terms like “buy now” or “hurry up”. This is an extremely easy concept; however, they are not telling the visitors that why they should purchase it now.

You know that what is the most powerful thing that can make your customers to decide instantly about purchasing is fear. The fright of the losing a good deal or an instant delivery.

Make Sure to Tempt High-quality Visitors

We all know that every single website visitor is different and each one of them has their own requirements, behaviors towards purchasing things and concerns.

Because of this, ensure that you attract high-quality visitors to your website otherwise the conversion rate of your website will suffer.

You know that you will get very least number of visitors to your website if you do not optimize for the right keywords in your inbound marketing strategy. Definitely, they will leave your site if they will not find information on your product page that they are looking for.

Think For the Visitor’s Experience


When it comes to talk about the most important thing to think from a user experience side, simplicity is the main thing that you should keep in mind. To the Add to basket button, you can grab the attention. Think that you have made things over complicated with different colors and various pointless features.

Use Quality Images –

Use Quality Images

A very old saying, but a true one that a picture speaks a thousands words, and sometimes an accompanying video is even more effective.

Visitors wanted to see what they are purchasing before they provide you with their payment details, so you can take out some time to publish rich quality pictures and images with least thumbnail previews in order to keep page-loading times down to least.

Apart from this, implementing 3D photography is another form of rich content that is already proven to boost time spent on product pages.

A Complete of Benefits of Product –

At the time of deciding whether or not to make a purchase, numerous consumers are interested in exclusively how a product or service can advantage the instead of more technically orientated list of specifications.

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While delivering specifications, it is also essential that the first thing that your website visitors must look is a list of product advantages. It must be listed in a non-promotional and user-friendly tone.

Moreover, you can go with images and videos as it is considered an excellent choice for bringing these advantages to life.

Actionable Content –


At the time of listing the advantages as well as specifications of your product, you should avoid a promotional tone. It is crucial to deliver some of the actionable content in different situations like relevant blog posts, email newsletters, the occasional post on social media websites. Content, which has a goal to boost conversion directly though the majority of your content must be.

Provide Excellent Communication –

follow upcustomers

Providing an excellent communication must be a default practice for every single eCommerce store. You will need to make sure that you cover all the bases so that you can attend what most visitors are expecting from your store. No matter whether you are opting for a live chat or free phone, you always need to offer good and timely communication to your customers.

Recently, a global consumer trend study found that approximately 90% of customers are thinking that a live chat is helpful. Another study also shows that more than 63% out of those 90% customers were likely to return to a website, which provided live chat support.

Even 38% of customers shared their experience and said that they had made purchases due to the chat support that they received. Because of this, a lot of good and professional eCommerce sites are there that offer instant live chat.

Ensure That Your Basket is Visible to Visitors

There are lots of consumers, who like to spend to spend their little time on browsing through online shops, just like that when they are purchasing in the high street; however, they also wanted to know how much they are spending.

So, this is the main reason why the shopping basket must visible always, including total price of the product and number of items. Visitors of your website will be able to check the basket whenever they want by having a click-able shopping basket.

Offer Contact Information

Offer Contact Information

There are lots of small online stores that are not offering contact information other than an on-site contact form. Some of the retailers don’t even offer a direct email address or telephone number.

When it comes to thinking from the consumer’s point of view, the missing of the contact information will look something fishy. Your customers will think that you are trying to hide something.

Be Mobile-friendly


With the increase of online shopping through different mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, it is must for you to have a mobile friendly eCommerce website, but if your website doesn’t provide a mobile-friendly experience, you will miss a lot of potential conversions.

However, a responsive website is not enough for an online shop, hence, it is better that you provide a fully separate mobile-friendly version of the website. Bigger online stores can also get benefits from having a mobile application.

Above-mentioned 10 simple yet effective ways can help you to optimize the conversion rate of your eCommerce website without any hassle. However, you can also hire a professional eCommerce developer, who has massive experience in handling toughest eCommerce projects and delivering the best results.

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  1. Ensure That Your Basket is Visible to Visitors — Is most website i found either its too small in visibility or have to search put for it. Your point definitely highlight its importance

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