2016’s Top 7 eCommerce Trends to Check-out

We all know that 2016 has scared everyone, and there are a lot of new eCommerce trends that are emerging in the market. We can say that it is a fun time to be in the eCommerce industry for all the businesses, who are thinking about turning their brick-and-mortar store into an online store.

If you have decided to enter in the eCommerce market, there are numerous trends that you have to adopt to give tough competition to your competitors.

Let’s have a look at 2016’s top eCommerce trends that you should check-out and adopts to give sturdy competition to your competitors:

Mobile, Mobile & Mobile

Mobile app

In the recent times, we have noted that a lot of consumers are using their mobile phones to research products before and after purchasing. But now, mobile is expanding day-by-day and consumers are more comfortable doing their shopping using an application on a mobile website.

So, if you have an eCommerce store, ensure that you have a mobile application for it as well, so that your customers feel extremely easy to purchase products from your store.

Consumers Are Holding The Wheels

cash back offers

“The customer is always right” is the very old adage that mainly carries over into eCommerce industry. Now, consumers are accessing various tools such as comparison shopping engines, price protection and promotions like cash back and free shipping.

An entrepreneur Caporaso says, “The power has really switched over to the consumer and that’s not going to slow down.” He also said, “The race is how you get those consumers engaged and ultimately staying with your site.”

Marketing Will Be More Personalized

Personalized marketing

With constantly increasing the number of eCommerce vendors, they will begin to tap into big data in order to deliver a highly personalized shopping experience to visitors. So, it is important to have big data so that marketing will be more personalized, and you can give a wonderful shopping experience to visitors.

Holiday Competition


When it comes to targeting free shipping offer, it is the part of a trend – like digging into the holiday season as soon as possible. However, Caporaso says, “Consumers have roughly $1,000 to spend this holiday season, and [e-tailers are] trying to get those dollars into their store quicker.”

He also added, “We see that trend happening next year, even around other holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, because there’s a very competitive nature and they need to stretch those promotions out early and often.”

Marketing Through Videos to Explode Purchasing Online

Now-a-days, video marketing becomes the nearest candidate for the in-store experience for prospective buyers as it’s evident to numerous online stores and vendors as well. Marketing through videos can lead to much higher conversions, and a lot of online stores will surely develop and integrate videos on their websites.

Omni Channel

Omni Channel

There are numerous retailers, who have both an online presence and a physical location, are trying hard to connect the two with promotions such as free ship to store to get more traffic. Various retailers are also developing companion apps and mobile websites, which will be helpful for customers when they are in a store.

Working Hard to Stand Out

customer service

It is must for you to set your online retail business apart in some way in this age of Amazon. Most importantly, you remember about the something that is good like great customer service or live chats on your website to help out shoppers to search what they are looking for.

So, these are the top seven eCommerce trends of 2016 that you should consider while running an e-store for your business.

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  1. Marketing is already personalized because today is not enough to have a blog and traffic, because the conversion rate can be improved if we engage our audience.

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