6 Simple to Follow Tips to Boost Magento eCommerce Sales

In the last couple of years, eCommerce websites have gained huge popularity in the market as they enable visitors to view and purchase a comprehensive range of products online.

Now, it becomes a lot easier for people to start an online store as it is extremely affordable and cheap. You can easily have a fully modern and functional store, so thanks to eCommerce scripts like Magento.

When it comes to talking about Magento, it is an open-source eCommerce platform that has been implemented a lot of websites. The best thing about the Magento platform is that users are capable of customizing it as this platform allows them to have completely unique store in terms of design and features.

If you are running a Magento based eCommerce website and want to boost sales of your e-store, go through below mentioned Magento’s powerful features and extensions that can boost the sales of your store.

Follow up on Customers –

Follow up on Customers

Even if you have simplified the checkout process, you would find some of the customers who will abandon the shopping process for particular reasons. You know what you should follow up these customers. As Magento is tracking the shoppers’ checkout process and finds an abandons shopping cart. You have an opportunity to follow up on such shoppers either through email or phone to search out what problem they combat.

Make Sure to Keep Your Products Close to Home –

Keep Your Products Close to Home

Homepage is considered as the most essential thing when it comes to considering it in SEO viewpoint. Home page of your website is the first page that search engine will look at, and it is one such page of your website that is the main source of PageRank.

Ensure that you display your product on the home page, and it should not be three clicks away from your homepage. You can use SEO-friendly rollovers, or you can boost the number of products that are listed on each page.

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Ease The Check-out Process –

Check-out Process

There are lots of eCommerce websites that are suffering from abandoned shopping carts as all those sites have an extremely difficult check-out process. However, Magento one-step checkout process is completely best and handy in such situations.

This is one such extension that can simplify the entire check-out process by combining different stages into one. Through this high-quality extension, one can get huge help in decreasing the number of customers, who will abandon their shopping carts. The more number of customers complete the check-out process, the higher the sales will be.

Multi-lingual and Geo-targeting –


All the eCommerce stores that have various multiple sites based on geographic location can take benefit from multi-lingual and geographic features. It is recommended to have your store reachable in the dialect of the geographic region of your target markets if you have a global audience.

Magento is one such platform that can know the geographic region of purchasers based on the internet addresses and redirects them to the right website. Visitors from different regions or areas can view their store in a language they comprehend.

Make Use of Google AdWords Keyboard tool to find the right phrases –

Google AdWords Keyboard tool

You can begin with researching on keyword phrases with the free Google AdWords keyword tool so that you can boost the title tags. If you wanted to find the best keywords for a given product page, you have to first type in the search phrase if you are thinking of making use of your product page.

By using a keyword tool, you will get information that which keyword phrase is competitive and generates about 400 searches per month. Moreover, investigation can also show that mini snow mobile has the same number of searches per month as kids snowmobile. However, the competition among them is lower.

Apart from all this, you can get an help of a web developer, who provides search engine optimization services.

Responsive Design –

Responsive Design

In the last couple of years, responsive design has caught the attention of lots of businesses, but still a lot of businesses are avoiding this high-end trend. It is important for businesses to have a responsive design Magento eCommerce site that supports in multiple devices like tablets, smart-phones, desktop PC and laptops.

All your visitors will be served to no matter which type of device they are using to access your site. Through this way, you can open your eCommerce website to a bigger audience and boost your sales.

So, these are the 6 simple tips to boost sales of your Magento eCommerce website. Following these tips is a lot easier for businesses if they are looking forward to increasing their sales. Moreover, businesses can also hire a professional Magento developer, who will assist them in their project.

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