7 Powerful eCommerce Marketing Strategies of 2016

We are in the mid of 2016, and still a lot of website owners are looking forward for some of the marketing strategies/tools to increase traffic and sales of their store.

However, they are not getting enough advantage of tricks that they are using for their eCommerce store.

Furthermore, to learn more effective strategies, they are implementing some of the new tips and end up by messing everything.

Here, we come-up with the best marketing tools that help business owners to get enough profit by just changing some of the things on their website.

So, check out what marketing strategies they are:

Referral Schemes

Referral Schemes

Now, it becomes very easy to attract more customers by concentrating on word to mouth.

It would be great to provide savings to both referrer and customer, who referred by him/her. Such thing will increase your customer database.

Having a referral scheme at your store will provide advantages to everyone.

Personalized Promotional Deals

Personalized Promotional Deals

Increase your sales by introducing different types of discount schemes on products or for group of users or according to purchase made by shoppers. Various promotional deals are:

  • Free Shipping
  • Gift voucher
  • Discount on products’ quantity.
  • Discount on some percentage
  • Personalized promotional codes
  • Discounts per customer category
  • Limited time offers and so on

Run email Campaigns

e-mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ecommerce strategies to boost sales. It enables to increase your sales twice by making your customers aware of new products, adviceabout products they are purchasing, etc.

Even, you can also mail customer about targeted sales as per their purchasing history.

It is advisable to examine effectiveness of your running email campaign by considering statistics of conversions, open rate, click rate and zones and so on.

Reliable and Proven Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Having an improved SEO ratio of your website can increase conversion rate about 35% through comments and rating given by purchasers.

Given rating will be shown on product/category pages of your website along with in Google search results. All thanks to third party certification that assured customers about your website.

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges

Do you want to sell your products online?

No problem at all.

eCommerce store provides feature of fixed shipping cost according to destination so now, no more calculations.

We have already published a post sometime ago, containing different ways to optimize conversion rate of your eCommerce website!

Having such features enable users to add only destination and shipping cost will calculate automatically.

You just have to arrange countries together that come in same region and apply the same shipping charges; we call it “shipping rules”.

Add SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is also one of the powerful tools to grab audience attention. It is studied that about 96% of traffic generate in 2 hours after text being sent.

SMS is the good achievement and loyalty creating strategy when it is combined with a mobile version of website.

Display Featured/Best Sellers/Promotional Products Effectively

Display your featured/best sellers/promotional products in the best manners. You should also highlight products with tags likerecently viewed items, 15% off, new arrivals, etc.

You should adopt a dynamic layout that continuously update your catalogue and make it the best tool for selling your products. Moreover, avoid drawing attention of your buyers to purchase product that you don’t have stock of.

These are some powerful eCommerce strategies/tools that you must implement in your eCommerce store to make it more attractive and advanced.

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Did we missed anything?

Share your opinions with us by commenting below. And let us know if we have missed anything! We would love to get feedback from you!

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