7 Ways To Use Supporting Product Content For Higher Conversions


For any ecommerce store, listening to customers’ concerns is integral to become successful. Providing complete information about products and helping customers in making an informed decision is what ecommerce business owners should focus on.

For that purpose, supporting product content can help a lot. Such content can be in the form of reviews, FAQs, How-To guides, product specifications, blog, forum, and recommendations. Here is given a brief introduction of different ways to use supporting content.

1. Answering Questions

At most of the brick and mortar shops, customers prefer asking questions about products before they make any buying decision. For an online store, whether it is you or someone else answering questions about your business, will help closing a deal. It also helps customers in discussing about a product as well as sharing their experiences.

Keep this section separated from customer reviews or product reviews. There may be hundreds or thousands of reviews, but Q&A section can answer specific questions of the customers who do not want to browse through loads of reviews.

Amazon has a good running Q&A section that helps customers in discussing problems and finding the best solution whether it is related to a product or not.

2. Blog

Share useful information with the shoppers by establishing a Blog in Magento store, the popular platform of ecommerce world. Although, it does not support direct sales, but bring visitors back at an online store, hence increasing the chances of sales. You can also announce new product launch, can discuss its features to let visitors know more about a product.

Always share fresh and unique content when it is about keeping the site visitors educated. Better to link the supporting content used in blog, linked to the product or category pages. It will help impressing the search engines for better ranking and appealing the prospects at a site. Provide social sharing links at your blog so that readers could share what they like.

Start using supporting product content at your online store, but always provide a link to the main product pages. Use discussions, FAQs section, questions and answer section, blog, product reviews, comparisons, and anything else that could support your big purpose

3. How To Guides

Users prefer reading more about how a product is used or how it will benefit their life. Instead of providing instructions, closed in a box, provide the users with PDF files carrying manuals and videos answering questions about a product.

Pre-purchase guides are also being used at large-scaled online stores to help users in making a well-informed buying decision.

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another form of supporting product content. Such reviews tell how useful they found a product and how it has satisfied their specific need. Such reviews also tell the bad experiences of the customers, accompanied by useful suggestions.

Try to keep a balance between positive and negative reviews. Stats reveal that customer reviews help making big purchases at any online store. Buyers prefer going to see the experiences of other customers before they place an order.

5. Product Comparisons

Product comparisons help customers in deciding about a particular one if the list of similar products is longer. Such comparisons include product features to help customers in making an informed decision. These are also becoming popular as supporting product content.

6. Forum Discussions

Although, these are detached discussions, but link back to the main pages of an online store. Such forum discussions help existing customers to influence the buying decision of potential customers.

Forums also help customers in troubleshooting problems related to some particular product. These forums also help ecommerce business owners to know what users have to say and what improvements to make in a particular product.

7. FAQ Section

In the FAQ section, answer questions that users may have in their mind about a particular product. Keep this section updated frequently. Users prefer looking at this section before they go for live chat with some customer care representative.

A well-established FAQ section can help driving conversions, provided users have found the answer to their question.

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