How to Avoid This Common Mistakes while Developing Magento Store

Are you thinking to revamp or develop the eCommerce store?

In such case, you must be aware of some mistakes that can wreck your profit making and your eStore. We have seen the rise in the number of online stores, and with an increase in the number of stores, we have seen many sites are making fundamental mistakes. Such errors cause a poor user experience and thus, decrease in sales.

We believe that no online store is perfect when it first goes on a live mode. Even if, you are choosing the best eCommerce solution, you have to face huge challenges. Still, there are some ‘mistakes’ that most of the companies’ merchandising services/goods can do are listed below.

Shared Server

shared server

Some of you have an idea that Magento powered online stores are sharing server resources with other websites. Such things should be avoided, as the achieved results are very poor.

Online merchants can easily configure the online store on a server that supports MySQL and PHP5. One should have to fit in the mind that Magento uses many resources different to a WordPress powered site/ blog. If you are sharing resources, you may get poor experience and ultimately, it affects to the success of an online store.

Choosing Wrong Themes

wrong choice of theme

This is one of the commonest mistakes most of the developers are committing is choosing wrong themes. It is advisable to analyze different factors of themes before you installing it to the server. Moreover, you should check the future requirements of your business when choosing the theme.

How it looks when you add your products/categories? Is it eye-catchy to target your audience? Is there any scope of customization? You have to clear these points before choosing the website’s theme.

Navigation Issues

Navigation issue

Due to difficult navigation system, some online shoppers experience lack of sales and ultimate, loss. There are users searching product page through the search engines while some browse from the home page itself.

You just have to ensure that users should navigate the entire product page from the home page. You should have to categorize products logically so users can easily find appropriate products.

Unclear Product Images

Unclear Product Images

Almost every shopper is purchasing products by examining products and thus, you should have clear images. It would be good to add multiple angular images that should be classified into different options like Color, Appearance, Zoom, etc. Along with, products should also have in-depth description, features and specification.

No Mobile friendly Store

Mobile friendly store

image source: infotex

Avoiding mobile eCommerce site that support online store is one of the biggest mistakes created by an online merchant. According to some research, there are many people preferring mobile device for shopping and surfing.

Some statistics show that 57 % of buyers will not purchase anything from the unattractive designed mobile site whereas 40% of consumers will move towards an online store after poor mobile experience. If you want to invite visitors towards your business, then “Do not ignore mCommerce!”

These are some common mistakes that should avoid while developing Magento store for your business.

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