How to convince eCommerce Shoppers to Make Purchase From Your Site?

Do you have an eCommerce website? If yes, it is necessary for all the designers of eCommerce websites to build a user experience, which will convince their shoppers to make online purchases.

Whenever any shopper decides to make an time to research on the product, compare prices and read reviews.

However, these are some of the major factors that are de-motivating online shoppers to follow through with their online purchases:

  • Unaware about the product what it looks like in real
  • The annoyance of returning the products
  • Having to pay for shipping
  • Once they have bought it, they have to wait for a product to arrive

Below, you can find three ways how you can convince your shoppers and boost your sales, so let’s have a look at:

Build Trust –

Build Trust

Image source: Myntra

You know that it is mandatory that your eCommerce store oozes trust. Be completely honest, will you ever purchase anything from any seller, whom you are not trusting?

No! I don’t think so that you will purchase. Trust plays a very significant role for a sale to be made.

You need to trust that you will get what you pay for and trust that the product that you get will look the same way it does online. And, you should also trust that you are not providing details of your credit card to any criminal.

A decision of purchasing from an eCommerce store is mainly based on the trust. There are lots of people, who mainly rely on their past experiences to make future buying decisions. However, it is must for you to ensure that your eCommerce store must look like consistent and reliable.

Assume about some of the questions that you ask yourself while purchasing something online. Probably, it goes something like this:

  • Will it be secured for me to do credit card transactions on the site?
  • Will it be safe to provide my personal information in the hands of someone?
  • Will I get my products when giving over my card details?
  • Will I be able to return the item if it does not fit or I do not like it?

Ensure that your potential customers could answer these questions confidently if you wanted to convince them to make a purchase on your website.

Serve Your Potential Customers With a Return Policy that They Will Love:

You know that you have to make your return policy understandable from the beginning and should include links back to it all through the cart process.

Further, it is also essential to have a return page with “Frequently Asked Questions” about the return policy.

You should also remember that your return policy is there only for one single reason that is to boost sales. You should not make it difficult for your customers.

You can convince them to make a purchase by offering them with a long return window and free shipping on all returns.

It will make a huge difference on your eCommerce website and you will be surprised with it.

You can also show positive reviews on your eCommerce store from earlier happy customers:

Showing positive reviews is one of the best ways to convince your new customers as it will boost conversions and help out in eliminating the doubts of any potential customers.

It has been found by perceptions that approximately 63% of customers are making purchases from those websites that are showing user reviews.

Simplicity –

Simple website

Image source: ebay

The eCommerce websites that are confusing frustrate people and they have zero tolerance for such websites.

When shoppers’ expectations are met, a frictionless eCommerce website happens. It needs the website should be easy to navigate and built professionally.

A frictionless E-commerce site happens when shoppers’ expectations are fulfilled. It needs to have an easy navigated website and professionally thought through.

It is mandatory for eCommerce websites to make everything simple to streamline a shoppers’ experience. Show shoppers with big and rich quality images. Ensure that it will be a lot simpler for them to add products to their shopping basket.

Furthermore, you can also ensure that it is simple to click and remove products from their shopping basket. You can also make sure that there must be a simple click to purchase button.

Ultimately, you also need to ensure that you clearly show any extras like gift wrapping.

Let’s have a look at Amazon:


Image source: amazone

We all know that Amazon has developed one such shopping experience that a lot of eCommerce developers are jealous of. Let’s have a look at what they are doing right.

Amazon website clearly highlights two main things, including product search and online purchasing when you enter the home of Amazon. It means shopper is capable enough to instantly find and purchase products because of the easy homepage design.

To track the shopping behaviors of the users, Amazon makes use of cookies. However, the content revealed on the homepage is modified to every single shopper, and mainly based on their preceding searches and purchases. You can see “Inspired by your shopping trends” and Inspired by your browsing history.”

Moreover, these cookies also show shoppers to numerous products that are accurate to particular interest; so are possibly to speed up the purchasing process.

Personalization –


Does personalization actually convince potential customers to make a purchase? Yes, it actually does and makes your customers feel like you do care for them as an individual.

For your eCommerce website, personalized emails are extremely useful marketing channel for your eCommerce site.

One of the major things that you should remember is that you should allow your customers to let you know what they are looking for.

It means you can provide your subscribers’ different options about how many emails they want to get and asking them about the products on their eCommerce store, which interest them.

Have you ever thought to provide personalized anniversary or birthday discount coupons?

For instance –

let’s assume that your eStore is selling men’s suits, and a particular visitor comes to your store, who has already purchased 4 suits from the any of the brands. It means you will know about his taste for the brand.

So, you should use this information and knowledge for your benefit and provide an actual timed offer on the brand.

It will not only advantage you to provide incentivize the shopper to make a purchase, but it will also help them to give a personal touch by providing your customer something that they are interested in.

Wrap-up –

At last, these are the top 3 ways to convince your eCommerce shoppers to make purchases from your website. However, if you are getting any kind of difficulty while managing your eCommerce website, you should hire a professional eCommerce developer, who has special expertise in eCommerce industry.

Now, Make your ecommerce store more simple and attractive to make it easy for your customers to purchase. Just hire our eCommerce experts, who are adept in customizing eCommerce solutions to meet your business standards!
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