A Comprehensive Guide to Make the Perfect eCommerce Home Page

Running a simple eCommerce store is not enough if you are looking to make huge profit. It is must that you have a right and a perfect eCommerce home page that instantly inform visitors about your brand like what you are selling and what your best offers are.

In this blog, you can find a complete step-by-step guide to make the perfect eCommerce home page.

Let’s have a look at guide that you should follow to make the perfect eCommerce home page:

Links to Popular Categories & Products –

Popular Categories

When it comes to talking about an effective home page on an eCommerce website, it is about encouraging the customers to purchase their items. Keeping this point in mind, you can easily link to the most important categories and products.

However, if customers are looking for something else, they can make use of your menu or search box to search what they need. Highly popular categories, make sure a high click through rate onto pages, which are likely to sell. It is necessary to mention clear and relevant categories that must be displayed in such way, which encourage the visitors and inspire their curiosity.

Clear Cut Brand Name & Message –

Brand Name

We all know that some of the websites are struggling with their brand name; therefore, it is important that you have catchy, memorable and relevant brand name. You can also consider the SEO-ability of your brand name, purposely, can you get to the top of Google for your brand name.

In case if it is a generic world that you are struggling with, it is typically possible to achieve top for two words together so that you can get some of the people, who can write about you online. Once if you selected a final name that met these pre-requisites, now you have to decide that how you can display it on your page.

In the website header, almost all eCommerce websites comprise the logo; therefore the homepage must compliment this by explaining what is exclusive about your company. For motivation, you can write like:

  • One thing that you are doing better
  • Why do people are purchasing from you?
  • How you are different to the competition?
  • What is your niche?

You can also include a short summary of this that is instantly clear.

Easy to Use Search Box –

Search Box

Without search, it is possible to get away the minority of eCommerce, for instance, if they are selling some of the products. For a lot of websites, it is not the case, and there are lots of visitors, who are going directly to the search box when they land on the website.

It means that the search is the most important part of any eCommerce page, so it sits in the header and is available all the times. Using the best search is curative and suggestive, but in most of the cases, text search is better than nothing.

Special Offers –

Special Offers

To boost and encourage sales, special offers are considered excellent. It is essential that these are in a prime place on the homepage. There are some of the website that comprises an image of the products that they have for sale even as others are including a generic image and allow the visitors explore from there.

Illustrated people have experienced amazing improvements in their online sales after launching their new website. They make sure that is unmissable when they are running sales as maintaining their brand is expressed.

Personalized Recommendations –

If you have decided to take your eStore to the new level, make sure you include product recommendations, which are personalized for every visitor is becoming very popular. Beneath your best sellers, you also make sure to include a ‘Recommended for you’ section which lists product based on the visitor browsing habits.

However, recommendation software such as Nosto can analyze visitor activity in order to see what similar visitors viewed and bought. It is one of the best ways of increasing conversions and applying these practices across your website can boost sales importantly. Once you install Nosto, you can experience a huge boost in conversion rates, mainly when combined with remarketing emails.

Recently Viewed

Normally on the home page, you can set-up:

Recently Viewed – You can help out your customers by allowing them to view recently viewed items clearly. Also enable them to jump back to a product before finishing the purchase with least friction.

A Bestsellers List – A preliminary point for all the new and returning visitors

Rich Quality & Engaging Photography –


You know that 79% of web users are just examining the pages, rather than reading them line-by-line. So, engaging photography is the best way to guide them through the page. However, the style of your photography also plays a significant role in capturing the core of your brand. These days, you can checkout fashion websites, where look and style is everything.

In the recent time, you may have also noticed on an outdoor retail website that these websites comprise evocative imagery at all times in the background. Through these types of backgrounds, they are encouraging you to purchase new equipment for your next adventure.

So, these are the steps that can help you to make your eCommerce home page perfect, so that you can encourage your visitors to purchase from your website.

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