9 Ultimate Tips to Design Product Page that Convert

If you want to explore an infinite number of products at one destination then it’s an Internet. An attractive and well-designed product pages significantly influence online customers.

Shoppers will simply abandon your web site and move on to another site unless your store doesn’t have a product page. Thus, it is indispensable to have product page that converts your visitors into lead and moreover, it also plays an important role in visitors’ purchasing decisions to provide a change of sale.

Here, online merchants find good news for themselves by having different tips of boosting sales.

Eye-catchy Headline

Eye-catchy Headline

For any product page, the eye-catchy headline is essential for catch people’s attention:

  • Grab’s visitor’s attention
  • Inform visitors about what your product all about
  • Not be More than 20 words
  • Related to product you are offering

Don’t be so clever to ask puzzle for your visitors instead you tell them exactly what you are offering.

Attractive Images

Attractive Images

Having a simple and clean image can attract users and easily engage them with your landing page. Here are some tips that you have to follow while uploading image:

  • Uploaded images should be bigger in size.
  • Must be relevant to products/services and shows relevance to the product.
  • Ensure to upload good pictures of different angles of the product
  • Your images should have a consistency throughout your store.

Apart from it is advisable to use a proper size for picture, specific background image, and angles to create a magnificent browsing experience for your shoppers.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons


Call-to-action buttons are important to grab buyer’s attention. An “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout” buttons should be consistent on all pages and should be of different attractive color like red or green.

Additionally, you should have these button’s size and colors different from other buttons.


Having a proper explanation is must for every product to let visitors know about its specification and other related things. If you don’t provide enough information to your visitors about your products/services then you might lose them.

Provide a straightforward description/ explanation about the products
It should have headline, sub-headline, pictures, and a separate paragraph
You must add an explanation that benefit- oriented. For ex: “Get personalized site that makes a profit For You.”



Just like user looking for instant contact, mention product’s price below the image of the product. Use readable and big font size to make your price stand out. It would be great to mention font with bold and different color.


The video will help to attract, engage and convert your users in to a lead. It plays a crucial part in eCommerce marketing. Through this medium, online merchants enables to display advantages of products and even, they can easily show how to use that in the best ways.



It is advisable to make the product simple to access and free from any confusion. It is advisable to make it simple and clean by featuring only essential elements. Only basic and important information is provided by users in the most attractive manners that enable users to make a quick buying decision.



People have to trust on online website so that they are buying products online. Any trusted signal shared by eCommerce merchants during the buying process always appreciated by the shoppers. For eg: Showing Pricing, Shipping and Delivery related assurances in the Product Page.

Load time:

Load time

Having a faster loading website automatically brings more visitors at your destination. If you have a slow running website, it leads decrease the number of visitors and also some of them leave your website immediately that results in low conversion rate.

In case you have a slow running site, you should check your website and find out things that create problems, i.e. large images and CSS styles for background, border elements and so on.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs

Displaying shipping information is must when its matter of gaining customer confidence. Not showing shipping information or showing at the time of checkout process leads to cart abandonment.

If possible, make shipping charges free or put it clearly. Additionally, if you unable to offer a free shipping facility, then offer your customer particular discount if they reach to certain order amount.

Above listed are some ultimate tips to design product page that convert visitors into buyers. If you want to develop a compel page of your eCommerce site, then contact Magento Design Studio, a leading eCommerce website development Company.

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