Stop Assuming: Know How Video Marketing is Useful For eCommerce?

In the recent times, video marketing has gained huge popularity in the eCommerce industry. Gradually, it becomes an increasingly hot topic to discuss.

With the increase in the video content, it is hugely attached to the limitations of flat product images. As online buyers are not capable of griping your products in their hands; therefore video is considered as the best way to reassure them and reduce returns.

Today, a lot of online retailers have started to cash in on video marketing to take their business on new heights. You know that approximately 73% of consumers are possibly to make purchase after watching a video, according to a recent study by ReelSEO.

Moreover, more than 96% of the consumers’ studied said that they have found videos extremely helpful while making an online purchasing decision. All the retail websites that have made effective use of videos are benefited from:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Improved Product Display
  • Lower Return Rates
  • Increase in Time Spent on Site
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Boost in Average Cart Value

Video Marketing

How Video Marketing is useful for eCommerce?

As we all know that videos are one of the best ways to add “shopability” to your content, boosting engagement and conversions without distracting visitors from the purchasing process.

Now, you can notice that the engagement videos are slowly getting and eCommerce websites are hoping to cash in early to this new latest trend; however, there is also a question that – is video marketing worth the addition cost?

The best thing about video marketing is that it is not usually as difficult as a lot of people think, so eCommerce merchants, who are running any type of eStore can go with video marketing and boost their business worldwide.

Although, research also indicated that videos can be used mainly for developing brand awareness, online engagement and lead generation. It is also worth investigating their importance when being used in the following contexts to get a better understanding of where video marketing is more effectual.

In short, it doesn’t matter what type of eCommerce business you are running, it is important to make use of effective videos as main source marketing if you really wanted to bring huge impact in your business.

YouTube For eCommerce –

In any case, if you don’t have idea about YouTube like how it become the way that today’s huge youth prefer to learn, share and be entertained by it. In the recent time, the increase of YouTube’s popularity is a new frontier for eCommerce as it delivers a new marketing channels and extra visibility.

So, do you have any idea how popular is YouTube? Below, you can find some of the major facts that stated by the video giant:

  • 6 hours billion watched each month
  • 100 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 1 billion unique visits every month

You will surely bite lips if you are an eCommerce marketer. Here, you can find important purchasers, who are looking for videos that can be reached with video advertisements.

A Lot of Viewers have an adblocker Installed –

It is absolutely right that you can easily spend huge hours perfecting that superb ad only to have it not even showed by your target audience. 23% of internet browsers have few adblocker installed, according to AdNews.

image source: sweettoothrewards

Viewers are able to skip after 5 seconds –

At your removal, there are mainly two types of YouTube ads – one is non-skippable and other is skippable.

image source: sweettoothrewards

Viewers are not set to be sold on your product –

As mentioned above that YouTube gets 1 billion eyeballs each month is severally cut when you look at the statistics. From 1 billion to 4.62 billion – it is only 4.6% of what that we thought we were getting at the time of first looked at YouTube as an eCommerce marketing medium.

image source: sweettoothrewards

Let’s have a look at Incredible Video Marketing Strategies to Implement in Your eCommerce business:

  • It is must for you to find out that what others are doing in your industry. Do watch some of the visitors that are made by your competition and come-up with you own ideas.
  • You should also spend some of the time on comprehending your competition’s marketing videos by asking some of the questions to yourself – what you find interesting in them? How you are going to change the video? How you are going to give tough competition at video marketing?
  • You can also checkout viral videos that do not have any connection with video marketing. You may feel like you are wasting your time, but all those videos are extremely useful in helping you to come-up with your own tactics and ideas.
  • Ensure that you keep a notebook handy because the best ideas come at the most strangest times.
  • You can develop one such video that shows your products and narrates your company’s history and goal. This will work as an excellent introduction to your business and it is a perfect launching place for future videos.
  • You can develop a video interview with someone, who is troubled in your company.
  • You can also set a goal for your video and know what you wanted to achieve with it. Know why you are interested in video marketing in the first place.
  • Target an audience and develop a particular type of video.
  • Work extremely hard to do something that is new with your video. A unique idea can help you stand out from crowd.
  • The best idea is you can also try out video ideas on your family, friends and loved ones for getting any suggestion or advice from them. It is the best idea to pre-screen with people, whom you trust and know.
  • You can develop a sketch of your video, and you do not need any script, but a simple sketch can help you out in keeping your ideas organized.

So, these are some of the best video marketing strategies to implement in your eCommerce business to get numerous benefits that you are looking for.

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